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Hopes And Dreams - Muhammad Zaim Hanif Bin Mohd Zaki

Hopes and dreams, something that everyone living in this world possesses in their own way. As a secondary school student, the most common question that people ask me nowadays is “what is your dream”. Hello and very good morning to the honorable judges, teachers and my fellow dreamers.

Dreams, every child has their own set of dreams on all kinds of fantastic and wonderful things. When they grow older, they start to dream about their adult life. For example, they will say, “I want to be a police officer”, “I want to be a firefighter”, et cetera. They also start to think about the future: how to start a new family, find a life partner and live happily. At that time, a sparkle appears. They hope for what they dream of to come true. That’s why hopes and dreams are just like the sun and moon. Without hope, our dreams will remain in the dark.

However, this world is pretty cold and gloomy. Our hopes and dreams are just like stalks of roses that are beautiful, calm, and confident. But, they are also dangerous like the thorns on the stem of a rose. If we grip them to hard, they will hurt us and make us bleed. The world can also tear our hopes and dreams, like a rose, piece by piece start to break us apart and finally throw us onto the ground when we have nothing left to give. At that time, we will only see red. We get strangled by despair in our heart. Yes, my audience, dreams don’t only bring hope into our life, they also bring despair.

My best friend who has been with me since year one said something that changed me. “No one knows your future, not even yourself.” That’s why there’s a quote that says, “all our hopes and dreams are within reach, if we believe it.”

All of you must be asking “why is this skinny and be speckled boy telling me this?” Well, just like adults, young people also face both hope and despair too. Once upon a time, when I got my UPSR result, I cried like everyone else who didn’t do well. In my mind, every thought was negative. At that time, I was strangled by despair and my hope evaporated little by little until it was gone. I gave up emotionally and mentally.

When my best friend saw this, he stopped me and told me no one knows your future, not even yourself. Like waking up from a nightmare, he made me stand up and fight despair. I flushed away all of my negative thoughts and filled my mind with positive thoughts. After that incident, I got into the Sarawak State Sport School and today I have courage to stand before you at this public speaking completion to tell you this story. All thanks to my best friend.

Before I end my speech, I have 3 main lessons to share with you. First, guard you heart and mind. Stay strong and believe in your dreams no matter what people say to you. Second, cherish the friends who stick with you at your lowest. They will save you from yourself. The third and finally, keep these 7 things in your heart: bravery, justice, patience, kindness, integrity, perseverance, and, the most important thing, determination. That’s all from me. Also, keep on dreaming and never give up because no one knows your future, not even yourself. Thank you.

*This speech was presented during the 2019 Kuching District Public Speaking Competition at SMK Pending*


Muhammad Zaim Hanif Bin Mohd Zaki is just a normal student but he can be quite annoying sometimes. He is the fourth youngest sibling. When he has nothing to do, he loves to read while listening to music. He also loves bowling and can be quite crazy when he is nervous. On weekends, he always plays with his friends from his previous school. He also loves a quote saying “never think of yourself as an ugly person, think yourself as a beautiful monkey.”


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